RESTEasy 3.11.0.Final: MicroProfile REST Client 1.4; Client memory management

RESTEasy default white-list based PolymorphicTypeValidator extension

RESTEasy 3.10.0.Final: Jakarta artifacts, new configuration parameter

RESTEasy 4.4.0.Final: moving to Jakarta artifacts and much more

Looking to the future...

RESTEasy Spring Boot Starter 4.1.1.Final released

RESTEasy 4.3.0.Final and 3.9.0.Final released

RESTEasy Spring Boot Starter 4.1.0.Final and 3.2.0.Final released

RESTEasy 4.2.0.Final: performance enhancements and new features

RESTEasy Spring Boot Starter 4.0.0.Final released

RESTEasy 4.1.0.Final is available!

RESTEasy 3.8.0.Final and MicroProfile 3

RESTEasy Spring Boot Starter 3.1.0.Final released

RESTEasy 4.0.0.Final is here!

RESTEasy 4 is coming soon

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